Charles de Foucauld’s original prayer of abandonment

The prayer of abandonment usually attributed to Brother Charles de Foucauld was in fact put together by Little Sister Magdeleine Hutin from de Foucauld’s writings.

To honour the feast day of Brother Charles (who died December 1, 1916), I offer this translation from the French of his original prayer.


My Father
I place myself again into Your hands ;
My Father
I entrust my life to You;
My Father
I abandon myself to You;

My Father,
Do with me what You will;
Whatever You do with me, I thank You for it;
Thank you for everything,
I am ready for everything:
I accept everything:

Thank you for everything;
provided that Your Will is done in me, my God,
provided that Your Will is done in all Your creatures,
in all Your children,
in all those loved by Your Heart;
I desire nothing but my God;
I place my soul into Your hands;
I give it to You, my God,
with all the love of my heart,
because I love You,
and because I have a need to give myself in love,
to put myself in Your hands with total openness;
I place myself again in Your hands, with infinite trust,
for You are my Father.

Author: Ted Witham

Husband and father, Grandfather.Franciscan, writer and Anglican priest.

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